Things to Know About Your Insurance Company

We work with all insurance companies, and want you to know that you are not obligated to take your car to auto body shops recommended by your insurance company. Those shops are partnered with insurance companies to save them money, which may not be what’s best for you and your vehicle. You have the right to choose the repair shop of your choice. We will consult and advise you on the best course of action, before, during, and after your claim has been reported.

We also have an extensive network of legal and medical professionals that can provide you with outstanding advice and service. We are family-owned and independent, and we definitely look out for our customers’ best interests. We have the right experience, tools, and resources to restore your vehicle’s appearance and function so that you’re back in your car resuming life.

Right after an accident, an insurance company will recommend for you to go to one of their auto body shops for a drive-thru ­­­estimate, or, they will come out to your work or home to examine your car. The estimators at the drive-thru shops are trained to miss simple items that most customers do not catch. They believe the customer lacks knowledge or is not going to bother reading the estimate. Nine out of ten times, there are always items missing on the insurance estimate that need attention. The insurance company is trained to save money. The customer assumes that the estimate is complete and cashes the check, and sometimes ends up fixing their car at our shop. When that happens, we catch those items that need to be fixed but were not included on the estimate, but by that time, it is already too late because the customer already signed the estimate.

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